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PrimisAI Forms to Revolutionize Hardware Design with Leading AI Solutions

LOS GATOS, Calif., Sept 26, 2023 – PrimisAI, a pioneering newcomer to the hardware design landscape, is thrilled to announce its official launch. The company debuts with pushing forward the development and commercialization of the groundbreaking generative AI-based tool, RapidGPT, designed to revolutionize FPGA design. PrimisAI's RapidGPT innovative solution empowers hardware designers with a natural language interface, enhancing productivity and accelerating time-to-market. This advanced technology fosters a more intuitive interaction with hardware description language (HDL) by understanding RTL and verification engineers' intent and offering context-aware suggestions.

"We're excited to introduce PrimisAI and share our vision with the world," said Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, CEO of PrimisAI. "Our team is eager to unveil our FPGA design solutions and expand our mission into broader domains of design, verification, and EDA for both FPGA and ASIC targets."

PrimisAI's launch signifies a pivotal moment in the hardware design industry, offering technical professionals access to cutting-edge generative AI solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. For more information about PrimisAI and RapidGPT, please visit

About PrimisAI

PrimisAI is the premier destination for cutting-edge hardware design automation. Its generative AI solution is the ultimate companion for hardware engineers, featuring advanced Language-to-Code and Language-to-Verification capabilities. PrimisAI's interactive AI assistant swiftly tackles complex hardware challenges, and covers the entire design stack, from concept to Bitstream/GDSII. What sets PrimisAI apart is its on-premise deployment capabilities and its easily extendable knowledge base, catering to client-specific IPs, ensuring the customer hardware design experience is unparalleled. With PrimisAI, the future and accessibility of hardware design has no limits. For more information, please visit

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