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Known Issues

While using RapidGPT, it's important to be aware of the following limitations and known issues.

Response Delay

During periods of high load on the underlying AI model, responses from RapidGPT may occasionally experience delays exceeding 20 seconds.

Iterative Approach

The code initially generated may not fully comply with the specifications. Users are encouraged to interact with RapidGPT, providing feedback and clarifying any issues. This iterative process enables RapidGPT to refine the code until it aligns with all specifications.

Code Syntax/Readability

In some cases, RapidGPT may generate code that has formatting or readability issues. If you encounter such code, you can delete and possibly re-state the question corresponding to the generated code. This will prompt RapidGPT to generate a new and improved code response.

Inconsistent Chat History

Please note that in the current version, chat history may become inconsistent if a file is renamed or deleted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this limitation. However, we are actively working on an improved chat management system for the next version that will address these problems.

Incorrect Code References

In some cases, RapidGPT may include code snippets in its responses. However, when code snippets are present, the references to the code in the main editor can be lost. To ensure that required changes are reflected in the open editor, users should explicitly instruct RapidGPT to apply those changes to the main context or file. This will help maintain consistency and avoid any potential discrepancies between chat messages and the main codebase.

By being mindful of these limitations and known issues, users can enhance their experience with RapidGPT, effectively navigate their interactions, and successfully overcome any challenges that may arise.