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1 + 1 = 3

· One min read
Hans Bouwmeester

Imagine a world where you, your colleagues AND your AI assistants seamlessly work together to achieve your next goal. Picture your AI assistants effortlessly handling the boring and mundane tasks, even while you're asleep! Your AI assistants understand the complexities of applying EDA to your hardware design project and can even interpret any ambiguous requests. They offer new and objective perspectives and can monitor and analyze massive amounts of data.

Yet, without your guidance, your AI assistants would be lost. In essence, they are merely a machine making proposals based on associations observed. They need your adaptability and flexibility and require large amounts of data to learn. And more importantly, require your insights into the bigger picture - what ultimately drives you, your team and your company's success.

But together you and AI can excel and reach new heights, and just like that, only humans can truly understand how 1+1 can equal 3!