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RapidGPT v1.36 for VS Code

· 3 min read
Valerio Tenace
Chief Technology Officer, PrimisAI

We are happy to announce that RapidGPT v1.36 is now available on the VS Code marketplace. Updating to the latest version is seamless: if extension auto-update is enabled, the update will occur automatically when you reopen VS Code. For those who prefer manual updates, please refer to this guide on how to update an extension manually.

Special Offer

Unleash the Potential of GenAI for Hardware Design with this Limited Exclusive Offer

PrimisAI is thrilled to present a lifetime subscription to RapidGPT for just $9.99/month, available to the first 1,000 PRO subscribers! Lock in this rate and enjoy all future features without worrying about price hikes—save $60.00 per month on our PRO plan.

Click here to begin your 2-week trial and lock in your lifetime subscription at the exceptional rate of $9.99/month. Remember to apply the promo code RGPT10 for monthly billing or RGPT120 for an annual plan at checkout.

This offer is available until December 31, 2024.

New Features and Highlights

In-Line Quick Commands

Building on the efficiency of our Quick Commands Panel, we're introducing in-line quick commands. This exciting new feature empowers users to execute actions directly on specific modules within their code, streamlining the workflow and keeping the focus where it matters most.

Updated IP Catalog

Tips & Tricks

Unsure whether our catalog includes the IP you're searching for? Just ask RapidGPT by saying "Show me your IP catalog" to receive a comprehensive list of all supported IPs.

We've expanded the selection of IPs available in our catalog. With this update, pro users can now effortlessly instantiate over 30 distinct Xilinx IPs using natural language. Additionally, users can directly discuss the documentation of these IPs within the chat interface. Here's a list of the newly added components:

AMM Master BridgeAdders & Subtractor
AMM Slave BridgeConversion, CORDIC
AXI EPCDivider
AXI GPIOFloating Point
AXI HWICAPMultiplier
AXI IICMultiplier
AMM Master BridgeAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AMM Slave BridgeAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI EPCAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI GPIOAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI HWICAPAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI IICAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI Interrupt ControllerAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI CANAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI Quad SPIAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI TFT ControllerAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI Timebase Watchdog TimerAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI TimerAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI UART16550AXI Low Speed Peripheral
AXI UartliteAXI Low Speed Peripheral
CANFDAXI Low Speed Peripheral
AHB-Lite to AXI BridgeInterconnect
AXI AHBLite BridgeInterconnect
AXI APB BridgeInterconnect

Enhanced Chat Panel

The updated chat panel now displays users' full names alongside their messages, enhancing clarity and context. This feature proves especially valuable in version control settings, where RapidGPT facilitates collaborative efforts by enabling users to accurately track their interactions with RapidGPT.

Improved Self-Awareness

With the latest release, RapidGPT has been upgraded to possess a deeper understanding of its functionalities, ensuring you receive more comprehensive and accurate responses. Now, you can directly inquire about RapidGPT's key features within the chat panel. Curious about how to operate AutoDoc? Just ask RapidGPT, and it will seamlessly guide you through the process.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

This release introduces a series of bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Dynamic input box adjustments: The prompt input box now dynamically adjusts vertically to accommodate more content, enhancing readability and comfort during text entry.
  • Customizable iteration cap for AutoReview: With the new Autoreview Max Iterations setting, users can now set a custom iteration limit in AutoReview, specifically addressing and mitigating the occurrence of 429 errors.